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  By Mike Valeriani

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Directions to contact meAny questions? Any problems? Just drop me a line here using the contact form above. Whatever the problem, I am here to help. So just speak up. I always say that communication is at the base of everything and that reminds me of a funny thing that happened to me years ago. At that time mobile phones looked more like a small briefcase and they were definitely NOT commonplace.

It was the time when answering machines were dominating the telecommunication market.

Because of a serious of coincidences, a bride due to get married four weeks later, could not get in touch with me and I could not get hold of her. Her wedding was only a month after her initial call, so time was a big issue.

The internet was still unheard of and therefore no websites around, so she didn’t actually see my work; she just heard of me through a friend of a friend. To make a long story short, we spoke so much via our answering machines that she felt she knew me enough to book me for her wedding and to pay me a deposit… without having seen my wedding portfolio and without having had a real conversation with me.

We spoke to each other for the first time on her wedding day. It was hilarious that we couldn’t get in touch with each other for an entire month before her wedding! She was just never there to answer the telephone every time I called!

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