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  By Mike Valeriani

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Wedding Reception Ideas

Wedding reception in Charcery Lane LondonWedding reception ideas can be very handy to brides. The reception or wedding venue is probably the most important thing of your big day. Brides and grooms often mistakenly think of the church being the most important location (in a sense it is.)

The church is undoubtedly at the center of the event, but the venue takes a much more memorable place. By the way, I say church but this could obviously be any ceremony location such as a temple, mosque or registry office. The time spent at the church is very limited, often under an hour. For the rest of the day friends and family will be talking about the church at the wedding reception location. This is the place people will remember the most.

A woman dancing and having a good timeHere is where they will eat, talk, meet other people, dance... here is where they will have fun!

You and your guests will be spending here anything from 5 to 10 hours; by far most of the day, so choose wisely. Wedding reception planning requires some organizations skills... and some useful help. For that useful (and free) help, see the Wedding Reception Planning guide.

First of all a wedding venue has to be big enough for all of your guests. It sounds like the obvious thing to say, but you will be surprised how many people underestimate this important detail. Kosher meal preparation at a wedding venueAnother thing is that a venue should have a separate location (which can be a room or a marquee) where guests can be entertained before the meal and after while the dining room is prepared for the dance.

Some places have a garden and I personally advise this. At a wedding there is a lot of confusion and it is really nice to step out in a garden for a moment of fresh air and relaxation.

A hotel in a city center doesn’t allow this and I personally feel trapped. That of course it’s only my opinion. Want to hear about my wedding reception ideas? Keep reading... coming soon.

The most common wedding reception locations are: luxury hotels, restaurants and clubhouses. These sort of locations will provide you with the guarantee that the staff will provide an excellent service as they will have done this before. Now let's move on to some incredible wedding reception ideas:

Colorful dishes coming out of the kitchen at a wedding receptionA unique wedding reception will undoubtedly make it a very memorable day. Wedding catering can be arranged virtually anywhere in the world, so don’t let that worry you.Wedding reception ideas that will provide unique wedding reception locations can be: a special garden, a museum, an art gallery, a castle, a period building, a winery, on the stage of a theatre, a ranch, a barn, a lighthouse, or a luxury yacht. Let’s examine each one of these wedding reception ideas:

A garden wedding reception in London.Garden Wedding Reception:

Garden wedding receptions are nothing new, but a special garden such as a botanical garden or a rooftop garden in a city, can make an incredibly memorable venue and can make you think of some more wedding reception ideas. Also public gardens can make it very unusual. The background of a cityscape are very surreal backgrounds for wedding venues.

Museum or Art Gallery

Sushi served at a wedding in LondonA museum or art gallery will make a very interesting experience for art lovers and history enthusiasts. Agreements can be made with each museum and, NO, there aren’t any standard contracts for these sort of wedding receptions, because they are new ideas that very few people have put in practice before and that is exactly what makes them so special. Speak to the museum management and see if they are willing to take it further. Name me a museum or art gallery that can’t use the extra cash!

A romantic castle in EuropeA wedding in a Castle

In Europe there are plenty of historical castles, whose management can’t wait to make some extra money and yet virtually nobody ever asks to host a wedding reception in one of them. A castle can provide a very dramatic background for a very memorable day. Your imagination is the limit.

A Period Building

Like a castle, a period building will need little or no decoration to impress your guests. What a better place to celebrate such a timeless moment of your life.

A typical winery in the South of France.A Wedding at a Winery

A wedding at a winery will be appreciated by wine experts and not. Who doesn’t appreciate the quality of the wine served where they produce it? A wedding reception at a winery will be more casual than usual, but will give that touch of uniqueness that few other places can provide. Imagine your special day celebrated in a winery in the South of France... few people will have ever experienced something like it.

Dine on the Stage of a Theatre

Why not! Believe it or not, I’ve seen it before and yes, it is possible. Theatres are businesses and at the end of the day they need to make money. Obviously they are not going to cancel an evening open to the public to host your wedding, but keep in mind that they are not open 365 days a year. You will wake up the next morning thinking: “was it for real?”

A Ranch or a Barn

Ranches and barns provide very convenient wedding venue where there are a number of families with children. Open spaces is what kids need and a ranch or a barn will provide a safe place for kids to roam around.

A white lighthouse on top of a rockA Lighthouse Wedding

Ever thought of that? What a wonderful setting, with crashing waves and the isolation only a lighthouse can offer. Obviously this is a setting that can only suit small weddings. Remember that NOTHING is impossible. Find the place and talk to people. Imagine arriving at the top of a lighthouse in the middle of nowhere with a helicopter...

A wedding on a Private Yacht

Imagine if you could offer your guests with a mini cruise to celebrate your wedding, maybe with one or two nights out. There are plenty of private yachts for rent. They usually have double rooms for anything from 5 to 50 people (or more) and this will undoubtedly make it very memorable for everyone. And if you think that it’s going to be expensive, then think again... just look at some of the wedding quotations hotels give you and compare.

Enough wedding reception ideas? When choosing a wedding reception place, the sky is the limit, really! Just let your imagination roll and the rest is just fun!




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