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  By Mike Valeriani

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Wedding Cakes:
Ideas and Issues

A majestic wedding cakes in front of a stained windowBelieve me when I say that wedding cakes come in all shapes, colors, sizes and styles. There is something for everyone out there.

The dessert is something very special, much more special than most people would think. It is one of those elements that will substantially contribute to show a wedding style, wedding theme or character.

I would like to quote Steve Martin in the movie Father Of The Bride, when complaining about a price he said that ...a cak is made of flower and water, but I'm afraid that today there is much more involved in making a wedding dessert. Welcome to the nineties... I mean... to the twenty-first century! Beautiful wedding desserts take a lot of work, some considerable passion and a lot of time to make. Therefore the usual high price tag. Plain wedding cake to be decoratedIf in your case that price tag is just out of reach, you can make your own wedding cake. I once met a bride that made her own beauty and she ended up with an absolutely beautiful work of art! Check out my wedding cake recipes page, for ideas and instructions on how to make your own.

Either you will make your own work of art, or you get it from a baker, you can design your own wedding cake. It's like designing a piece of furniture, a vehicle or a house. Get a pencil, a sheet of paper and sketch your ideas.

Then when you have a design that you both like, draw it better... more in detail, maybe with colors. This should be plenty for any baker (or artist) to make your dream come true.

There is nothing more gratifying than seeing your own dreams becoming reality, especially for such an important occasion. I've actually seen it quite a few times; brides like to make their own sweet and they are so proud of it.

A wedding cake being decoratedI'll never forget a wedding that was celebrated on a real theatre's stage! That was not the only special thing about this wedding: the groom was wearing a 1700 replica of a beautiful military uniform, but to me the really special thing was the dessert: it was a giant flat mountain of chocolate, that measured one meter in diameter (that is about three feet) and it was about one foot in hight.

The cutting of it? Unusual to say the least; spectacular to be more accurate! The groom and the bride violently hit the giant chocolate covered mountain of sugar with a beautiful 1700 sword. It was an amazing spectacle, with all the little pieces of chocolate flying all over the place. One single and powerful stroke of sword to mark the event.

A very elegant wedding cakeBy all means, brides don't have to be professional designers to end up with nice wedding desserts; there are plenty of designers that deal with wedding desserts available out there.

A quick search will bring up more than enough results to satisfy even the most demanding of brides. Some designer can create very elegant wedding cakes.

They are not as common as the elegant once, but there are also very unusual wedding cakes around. To see some of them, have a look at my Wedding Cake Gallery page... a photo gallery is one of the best place to get ideas.

How else would you get ideas other than with pictures? I’ve talked so much that I forgot to mention about toppers! A topper can be traditional or funny. Again, it’s totally up to you to decide what to put on your work of art, because this is part of your taste and style. Take a look at my wedding toppers page to get some ideas, or to just have a good laugh...









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