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  By Mike Valeriani

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Wedding Cake Toppers

An example of DIY wedding cake toppers.Wedding cake toppers are an optional. Some people feel they can’t do without, while others would just not have any, no matter what. It’s one of those things that is totally personal. Some toppers are very nice though and they come with all sort of price tags.  

The most original (and probably very expensive) are made of sugar or edible stuff. It’s so sad to see these works of art being eaten away... hours of work gone in a flash: thank God there are wedding photographers to take professional photographs of these beautiful works of art. Some of the most beautiful and precious decorations are made of ceramic. Those can be handmade and therefore cost quite a bit... they will last for a lifetime and more though. Wedding cake toppers just before going down.As usual, I’ve done the hard work for you... I researched the internet for hours to bring you the very best selection of toppers. See them in the Wedding Cake Toppers Gallery.

I remember that once I attended a wedding in Italy, where the bride and groom had a wonderful wedding cake made. On top of it there were two lovely sugar sculptures representing the two of them and they even looked like them! It was real art.

Unfortunately it was a very hot July and during the wedding lunch they melted badly. The owner of the restaurant was obviously familiar with these sort of things, as he replaced the melted toppers with two beautiful porcelain wedding figures.

































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