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  By Mike Valeriani

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Some Good Old Wedding Cars Advice

An old Rolls Royce from the frontI love wedding cars! Wedding cars advice is essential in order for your special day to go by smoothly.

Often people don’t feel they need advice on such a simple thing as renting a car, but there is much more to it.

What you are looking for is usually an old classic car, so believe me, you do need some wedding cars advice.

Old cars brake often and they are usually expensive to repair and maintain. Once I was photographing a wedding in England and the couple hired a beautiful 1950 pink Cadillac. It was very original and extremely cool. They never knew that the pink Cady barely made it... while they were having dinner at the venue, I saw the wedding car being towed away, as it wouldn’t want to go back home.

A Rolls Royce angelFirst of all I strongly advise you to put your wedding in the hands of a solid company that can guarantee back up, just in case something goes wrong with the car of your choice. Remember they are very old cars and they tend to brake a lot. I think you should trust a company that has several cars to choose from.Only the fact that they own several cars (that you can see that is) will guarantee you some stability.

Make sure you see the actual car you will have at your wedding. Do not assume that Rolls Royce means top quality; nowadays we are used to a much higher standard than 50 years ago.

Do not be satisfied with a picture of the car on a nice brochure, demand to see the actual wedding car; I have seen some dodgy people from some A bride getting off a wedding car hire.wedding car hire company going around with a nice glossy brochure but with not a single car!

One day, one of those dodgy wedding car salesman, casually told me that the important thing for him was to “get” the clients... he would have found the car later on. Do not trust people like this guy.

I cannot emphasize this enough: see and touch the car. Talking of dodgy people, do require a contract OR a confirmation of your deal and requirements in writing, including the cost of eventual "extra mileage". Remember that only what is written counts.

Make sure you have some sort of wedding car insurance, just in case something goes wrong. More often than not this is provided by the wedding car rental company, but make sure you ask.

Classic wedding car decorations on a Rolls Royce.It sounds obvious, but make sure there is enough room for whoever you want to ride in the car with you and most of all, make sure you will fit in that particular car with your wedding dress. Ask for some wedding cars advice to the people you will rent the car from.

Ideally they will have years of experience and they will be able to guide you through decision making.

Also you want to ask (and maybe see some pictures) what the driver will wear. Once I have seen a wedding car driver in jeans. Everything had been paid for and they simply didn’t care. Some more wedding cars advice... if renting a wedding car is not for your pocket or style, then you might want to consider decorating your own car! This can be a fun experience and you could turn your 1995 Ford Fiesta into a... 1995 Ford Fiesta with lots of frills! In that case you might need some wedding car decorations to make it look less ordinary and more extraordinary... well, at least that’s the plan.

Example of wedding car decorations on the handle of an old Rolls Royce.Wedding car decorations can be a challenging task, if it's something you have never done before. It looks easy when you see those beautifully decorated cars on a Saturday afternoon around town, but it’s NOT that easy.

I can’t explain you how to do it, because I am not a decorator. What I can tell you is that I have seen quite a few people going crazy an hour before the wedding ceremony, trying to stick that ribbon on the door handle. They obviously didn't get any wedding cars advice... My advice is: practice well before the wedding! Give yourself plenty of time to fix things or to run to the local shop to get the missing tape or whatever you will use to stick stuff on the car. Decorate the whole car a few days before the wedding and then take it all down; it will all be ready and much easier to put on a second time.




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