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  By Mike Valeriani

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Unique Wedding Dresses

A stylish wedding dress being tried on by a happy brideThat’s right! Impress everyone at your wedding with unique wedding dresses!

Yes, I said wedding dresses, not dress!

Who said you have to choose only one wedding dress? In China, Japan and Korea it is custom to have at least two wedding dresses. I am not trying to sell you anything here, as I don’t make or sell wedding dresses, but it’s your day, once in a lifetime, so why not spoil yourself this once? You do deserve it... indulge yourself! Women like dresses, we all know this. You go crazy for dresses and shoes, so go for it! What they do in the Orient is this: the bride has a proper wedding dress for the formal ceremony and usually another one for the reception party.

Vintage wedding dresses on abride touching her necklaceSome change even two or three times during the reception party. OK I agree with you, it’s a bit business oriented there; in Europe or America two wedding dresses should do fine.

Vintage wedding dresses and gothic wedding dresses will suit more traditional brides, while a modern wedding dress is for the brave ones. I remember a while ago I have seen a bride in a church with a very mini white skirt... the minister was not sure if to look or if to ban. That was a bit extreme though. Unique wedding dresses do come in more discrete versions. There is some debate about the wedding dress color. Obviously the traditional one is white or ivory/cream. It represents purity and it is by far the choice of most brides.

Ever heard of red wedding dresses? I haven’t seen one yet, but if you do decide to go for a red wedding dress, I strongly advise you to check that it’s OK with the minister. You do not want to get to the church just to find out that the minister will not proceed with the ceremony because of your dress.

Short wedding summer dressIt doesn’t happen often, but it does happen that the minister stops the ceremony.

I have seen it happen once, because of the number of people around the altar taking photographs, but I have heard it to happen for a variety of reasons, including the color of the bride’s wedding dress.

Short wedding dresses are another alarm bell for ministers, so once again, check first.

There is a great site to help you with choosing a unique wedding dress and believe me, it really spoils you with ideas. Click HERE to visit.

Wedding dress with red and gold patterns at an Italian wedding hanging in the closetSummer wedding dresses are also very popular, including beach wedding dresses, as most weddings take place during the hot months of the year.

If you are the creative and handy kind of person, you can design your own wedding dress. You can find great ideas, inspiration and wedding dress patterns from wedding magazines or fashion magazines. Remember that simple wedding dresses can sometimes add more to your day... the "less is more" kind of thing.

An increasing number of people are looking for black wedding dresses for some reason and I would advise to have a look at Vera Wang Wedding Dresses, a leading wedding dress designer based on Madison Avenue in New York.

She definitely has a particular style that does get noticed. Some people define her wedding dresses as works of art. She makes the World’s ONLY black wedding dress that brings joy and elegance with a touch of poetry. It really is a unique wedding dress!

Detail of a white wedding dress from behind with a bowRemember that you don’t have to spend a fortune for a wedding dress. When I got married I only spent 50 GBP (about 70 Dollars).

At that time I was on a budget (who isn’t when getting married) and I happened to walk in front of a wedding dress shop. I noticed the shop had just closed down the previous week and they were giving away their display models for very cheap.

I got my “bride to be” a fantastic budget wedding dress which was by far not budget at all, as it previously sold for over 1000 GBP! All it needed was a good wash and a stitch or two here and there. On the wedding day my wife looked stunning!

You don’t have to find a shop that is going out of business to get a cheap wedding dress, you will be surprised at what you can find for sale on internet or local papers. A large wedding dress being photographed from behindLook for used wedding dresses or used wedding dress. Mind you, there is a new word out there nowadays: preowned wedding dresses According to advertisement psychologists, for the final consumer the word pre-owned is less concerning than the word used. Therefore when searching for used stuff you also have to use the “magic word”.

And remember: it has only been used ONCE! A good wash at the dry cleaner and it is like new again. On top of that, you will only wear it once. So go for it!

For Indian wedding dresses you don’t have to go to India... London in England does just fine. Some neighborhoods in London look and feel like India and you will be surprised at how many Indian wedding shop there are, especially in Tooting. Those really are unique wedding dresses!

When choosing a wedding dress (or a unique wedding dresses for that matter) consider what you are going to do in it. For some people the wedding dance is very important and if you intend to dance a lot, make sure you can do it in your unique wedding dress.

This is why some brides decide to change wedding dress at a certain point of the wedding day. One more thing... don’t forget brides maid dresses... they must look unique too!




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