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  By Mike Valeriani

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Wedding Flowers

Red roses ready for a wedding in LondonLooking for wedding flowers is not easy. Don’t just walk into any florist or flower shop.

You must choose a professional florist that you can trust will deliver the high quality expected at a wedding.

Make sure they have dealt with weddings before; they should be able to show you a portfolio of weddings they took care of. There are a great variety of flowers and they can be divided by season. Most people obviously will be looking at summer flowers, because most weddings take place during the summer season.

I was told by a florist friend of mine that a surprisingly high number of brides enquire about winter flowers. I think this mostly applies to the United Kingdom and Canada, as people in these parts of the world marry at any time of the year, regardless of the season.

Fall flowers are always a big hit, as fall (or autumn) is a good season for weddings. It’s not as hot as summer and not too cold yet and the colors are beautifully romantic. It's worth taking a look at this site for wedding flower ideas and inspiration.

A bride wearing a flower tiara with wedding flowers in the backgroundTaking care of flowers at weddings is a much bigger task than most people can imagine. Depending on the budget, florists will have to fill up an amazing amount of empty spaces.

Anyone knows how empty a church looks like without flowers. Some people also like to decorate the venue and this is like another church in terms of amount of flowers. An advice: make sure the minister agrees with your wedding flowers. Sometimes they have very unpredictable reactions to some kind of flowers or decorations. I remember a couple that had arranged to have the church decorated with a very beautiful flower composition that included red chili peppers... in the end they had to pick them all out, because the minister wouldn’t allow the ceremony to start and kept all the guests waiting outside the church. 





























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