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  By Mike Valeriani

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Wedding Photography Gallery

Wedding Album Samples:

Bride and groom walking in the square

Polished dishes for the wedding at a hotel

Bride and groom for behind posing with photographer in the background

 Wedding Sample No. 1

 Wedding Sample No. 2

 Wedding Sample No. 3

Bride holding a glass of Champaign and a bouquet of flowers

Groom with hat looking at a red rose 

Wedding Sample No. 4

Wedding Sample No. 5


 Other Albums:

Lazy cat sleeping behind a broom

 Woman dreaming and looking up

Little girl running after pigeons with a rose in her hand



 Street Photography

 Eiffel tower in Paris with buildings foreground

 A spiral staircase as fire exit of a hotel in Algeria

A sunflower field in full bloom

 Around the World

 Design Photography



A wedding photography gallery is the perfect place to have a sort of precise idea of what you really want for your own wedding. After your big day, photographs are going to be the only thing left to you and they will stay with you for the rest of your life. They will also be the only window for your children and your children’s children to the beginning of their generation.

Often people don’t think of wedding photographs this way and leave their memories in the hands of not so professional wedding photographers, in the name of saving a few Pounds. When they realize the big mistake they made, it is usually too late to remedy. Even if they ended up going to court and even if they won the case, will that give them their lost memories back? When you hire a bad photographer, you never win... ever. Read more about bad photographers.

In these galleries you will find a complete selection of my most significant work and this should give you a pretty clear idea of the style I use (and like to use) at weddings. The first section includes five wedding galleries, while the second section includes more generic galleries that have nothing to do with weddings.

Please note that my wedding photography galleries are NOT a best of the best selection of my work; instead each wedding photography gallery is a single wedding on its own, so that you can see the result of a single wedding. I emphasize this, because many wedding photographers offer in their wedding photography gallery a selection of their very best work shot in the whole of their career and in this case what you see hardly gives you an idea of what you will get at your wedding... it is more an illusion. Should you want to purchase any of the images you see, please visit the MV Art Gallery, where you can make a purchase safely through PayPal.

Moving on. I often tell people not hire me unless they like my work, because I want to make sure they get what they really want. Regardless of the field, the country, the industry, every artist produces two lines of work: 1. what they want to produce and 2. what they have to produce. Let me explain better. Artists produce what they want because they love it and they are truly passionate about that. They are also human beings and like all of us, they have bills to pay. Now, not everything an artist produces will help towards bills, so they are somewhat forced to produce something that will sell. This is what they have to produce and it is hardly linked to their heart.

I am a professional photographer and therefore I can take pictures... no doubt about that. What you see on this wedding photography gallery is what I love to produce, what I put my heart into. If you want me to produce something else, chances are I can do it, but I cannot guarantee any results. Same as the (almost) fact that a “technically” perfect picture often turns out to be a very boring one as well. 





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