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  By Mike Valeriani

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Wedding Photography Prices

Yellow house with big crack in Cairo EgyptWedding photography prices do need some explanation. Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious to everyone. People are very confused on this issue. There are photographers that will cover an entire wedding for only 300 Pounds (or Dollars) and others that will not do it for less than 5000.

For the reasons explained in this article, a cheap wedding photographer that will offer his/her services for too little, simply cannot be a professional photographer.

This leaves us with the question: “why some will charge 1000 and some others 5000?” I can answer this question with another question: “why a framed painting can be found for 30 GBP at a market and a similar size one for 3000 GBP at an Art Gallery?” Photography in this sense is no different than painting, as it is a form of art itself.

Each photographer values their work differently and some photographers are true artists. So don’t be surprised if some of them will charge you more than others. The bottom line is: do you like their work? Do you believe that their work is worth what is being requested? If yes is the answer, then be happy to pay and enjoy their Art for the rest of your life. As you can see, wedding photography prices require some careful consideration.

Not all artists are appreciated during their lifetime. For instance Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime, therefore he was definitely not appreciated. Was he not an artist? You have the answer. Is the photographer you are looking at an artist? Well, that is for you to decide. Should you ask for a discount? NEVER!

A chair with only three legsThis is the biggest mistake people make, convinced of having done “the right thing”.

If an artist is not happy with what he/she earns with your wedding, he/she might do it anyway for necessity, but might not be motivated/pushed to do a good job.

Always pay what is asked and you'll have the guarantee that the specific photographer will do the best for you.

Remember that you are not paying to have a component of your car replaced; you are paying a sensitive human being to use his/her unique talent in order to create your lifetime memories... it sure sounds important to me, so well worth paying what is asked.

























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