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  By Mike Valeriani

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Cheap Wedding Photographers:
What You Need to Know

bride arriving at the church in a Rolls Royce
Finding a Wedding Photographer can be a hard task.

Many people only look for cheap wedding photographers; off course they end up saving some money, but this more often than not comes at a high price. Use a photography directory where you can select among a wide range of different wedding photographers, but beware of minimal wedding quotations...



bride with a champagne glass and flowersVery simple: if a wedding photographer offers his services for say 250 or 300 Pounds for the day, he or she is very likely to have to turn down a bigger booking for the same day later on. An amateur will probably not have another bigger booking ahead, so there is nothing to lose.

A professional wedding photographer will take much more than 250 or 300 pounds for a day's work, so if he or she will really take so little for a day's work (and a lot more work after your wedding), chances are that he or she is not a professional photographer but just an amateur. Good luck to you! The real question is: do you want a cheap wedding photographer?


"What do you mean?”

A wedding involves a lot of ”invisible” work that, like it or not, it has to be paid for. In my experience with weddings, the average photography job will keep a person busy for about 70 hours all included.

Two people dancing with style“What?”

Yes, that’s right. Beginning from meeting the bride and groom, to the delivery of a leather wedding album, wedding box or any other kind of finished work, a wedding is very time consuming for a photographer.

The days in which wedding photographers only shot 100 images during the whole day are long gone. Nowadays wedding photographers (with the advent of digital photography) shoot a very large number of images, often touching the 2000 mark and these images require some substantial work. You can’t just shoot them and give them to the client. They need to be digitally edited, fixed, chosen, printed, sorted, mounted... it’s an awful lot of work!


Getting the picture?

Bride adjusting her makeup in front of a mirrorIf you divide the total cost of the photographer by 70 hours, you will see what the Photography Company (NOT the Photographer) is actually getting.

To that amount you have to take away all of the expenses (including the office rent, personnel expenses and bills) and you will easily see that there will be not much left.

At this point there could be three possibilities:

Someone that offers you very low wedding quotations is very unlikely to be a professional photographer because he or she:

1) Will NOT mind to work nearly for free (hobbyist)
2) Will NOT work for 70 hours on your wedding (probably has another job)
3) IS in desperate need of building a portfolio to gain work (zero experience)

All three cases are screaming an eventual DISASTER...

Smiling bride on the telephoneMost people looking for cheap wedding photographers have never hired a wedding photographer before, so they don’t really know how to look for one. It’s a zoo out there and it’s really hard to find good and true information.The internet doesn’t really help either, because virtually all wedding websites and wedding directories offer paid information that can’t obviously be negative, as everyone tends to safeguard their advertisers.

The best thing to do is to document yourself and to learn as much as possible about the industry, so that you can make a good choice and decision. Just as if you were buying a car, a computer or a house for that matter. If you know what people are talking about, then you will be more confident in making an important decision.




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