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  By Mike Valeriani

How to Choose Photography Styles About Photography Tips 4 Pros DIY Weddings

Wedding Photographer Questions:
What NOT to Ask

wedding photographer questions

1. What photography style do you use?
Before meeting with a photographer you should already know (from the website or an advert) what style he or she works with. If someone asks me this question I feel I am wasting my time, because I shoot using the Reportage style... what if they want a traditional style?

2. Can we see your photography degree?
Wouldn’t you be offended if someone asked you a similar question? Would you ask a lawyer or a doctor to see their degree before using their services? Be reasonable; most of the times you will be dealing with highly skilled professional photographers. They do it for a living and they know the job inside out. There are exceptions of course, but just as there are unqualified doctors practicing around town.

3. Can we meet your assistant that will be at our wedding?
Photographers often have several assistants and they choose the one for your wedding according to the particular skills needed, availability and suitability. The assistant is the photographer’s personal assistant and it is by all means a very personal choice. The assistant will “assist” the photographer in creating your memories. An assistant will operate under the photographer's strict directions. If you have reason not to trust the assistant, then you should not hire that photographer. Would you ask a doctor or a lawyer to meet their assistant or secretary? Same with photography. Stick to wedding photographer questions.

4. Can you provide us with references?
A typical example: would you like to be called at home on a weekly basis for years to come by people you don’t even know that want to know about your wedding photographer? I wouldn’t! I personally don’t even ask my clients if they can make themselves available, because it would just irritate them; it would be just a matter of time before they started talking badly about the photographer in order to stop the calls. Beware of photographers that will offer you checkable references... I wouldn’t expect them to be real. What would you do with a doctor or a lawyer? Would you ask them for references or would you look for them yourself... maybe on internet? Check for independent online reviews.

5. What are you going to wear on the wedding day?
A professional wedding photographer that does weddings for a living, knows precisely what to wear at a wedding. If you have these sort of doubts, then you should not be speaking to this person. Choose a wedding photographer that gives you the confidence to hire them without having to ask these sort of questions.

6. Can we see your equipment?
Believe it or not, someone has actually asked me this. Picture this... a bride to a chef: “Can I see your pans? Just want to make sure you have the tools to make us some dinner”. Once again, just stick to pertinent questions. If you don’t trust enough a photographer, you should be looking for someone who you can trust more. It is your choice.

























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