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  By Mike Valeriani

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Trendy Photo Box


Walnut photo box with frame sliding top


Walnut Multi Photo Box. It provides a practical and trendy way for storing your favorite memories with a sliding lid that also includes a stylish frame with real glass. The box holds 500 4"x6" photos. Stained and laquered wood with glass cover.


Was £42.00 

Now Only £26.00




We love this box and our customers do too! It's smart enough to be used virtually anywhere and you don't actually have to get married to have one of these elegant and delightful objects in your home. When you look at photo albums do you ever get that feeling to want to hold the photographs in your hands? This is the solution; you can touch your photos (print them with Matt finish to avoid finger printing), you can pass them around among your friends and family and when you are done they all go back nice and tidy in the box.

As a matter of fact I use one of these boxes to store a bunch of photographs that did not fit anywhere else and it made a very nice piece of furniture; I keep it on a coffee table in the living room and it is so much better than a boring album. It gives a whole different atmosphere to the home.

I don't believe in providing a couple with an album, because that is such a personal touch that I would feel like compromising your privacy by giving you something so personal that I have chosen. Furthermore there are wedding albums for every pocket and everyone has a different budget. If I choose something too expensive, then your wedding package must cost more... and you might not want to add that expense to your already scary wedding budget. If I choose instead something very cheap, you might be very disappointed. The wedding box is a relatively economic option, that will save that last final touch for you and it does look very elegant, really top notch.















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