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  By Mike Valeriani

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Wedding Photography Tips


I’ve decide to add a section about wedding photography tips, because of the considerable number of assistant photographers, professional photographers and people into amateur photography that often ask me about wedding photography and photography ideas for weddings.

Before I forget, there is a very good book out there that talks about everything you need to know in order to become/be a good wedding photographer. It’s called “Professional Wedding Photography” and it's loaded with wedding photography tips.

It discusses really everything, even how to find clients and how to manage your wedding photography business. A must for anyone thinking to start a business in this field. See picture link on the left if you want to get yourself a copy.

Tips on wedding photography come very useful to those individuals who are planning to start a careers in photography or in wedding photography. Off course people coming from a family portrait photography background are at an advantage. Learning photography is a fascinating experience, especially for those who begin from the traditional type of photography.

Digital photography is by all means a great thing, but my heart is with photographic film and mechanical cameras. On the good side, the endless arguments with photo labs are finally over, as they are no longer in full control (or in no control at all) of your images. Nowadays any photo editing software will give you the freedom to create the result you want for your images. All you need is an Adobe Photoshop tutorial.


Film vs Digital in Weddings?”

A bride and groom goin awayIn weddings the choice seems to be obvious, due to the large number of images required by the bride and groom and therefore because of photographic film's cost.

Some wedding photographers – a handful – still shoot with photographic film, inevitably charging anything from 40% and up more, than if they were shooting in digital. The thing is that there is not much demand at all, because 99% of people actually require the photographer to shoot in digital.

Wedding photography tips or photography tutorials regarding this issue are not widely available as other photography courses are, because there is still a lot of debate on what is best. A wedding photographer uses several wedding photography techniques and some of those are now ignored because of the advent of digital Photography. In a way a wedding photographer’s job is much easier now. For instance:

A tray with tens of Champaign glassesbefore, a wedding photographer had to be very much aware of how many frames were left in the photographic film roll. Now this is no longer a problem, because memory cards can hold thousands of images.

The cost of film of course was a big issue in the old days and most photographers only shot 50 to 150 images during the whole day. Today the average images shot at a wedding often goes over 2000. Risk in the old days was much higher and wedding photographers had to be spot on or they would have been out of business in no time. In the past wedding photography tips were not available at all.

People who wanted to learn photography took photography lessons from a wedding photographer whom they worked for as assistant and all photography experience was gained on the job hands on. Photography tips were given on a one-to-one basis.


Bride's makeup session“What About a Wedding Checklist?”

One of the most important things in photography for weddings is not to forget anything.

Everything is very important, because it’s only one day that will never repeat itself… or at least that’s the plan. One of the biggest mistakes of wedding photographers is not to use a wedding photography checklist. A big part of this wedding photography tips is on wedding checklist.

They are ever so important in order not to forget anything. Another thing that many wedding photographers need tips for photographers for, are photography poses. Being creative here is everything and in this case having a personality that “clicks” with the models is essential.

“What Wedding Photography Style Should I Use?”

A bride being helped to get readyThe wedding photography stile you use is (or should be) your own style.

There are many types of photography; you should choose one and stick with it. Many people nowadays require candid photography or wedding reportage photography… also called “real life reportage”.

My advice is that you focus on one style and offer only that. This way you can “build” your own style and people will want you because of that.

I’ve heard it once too many times: “I can do all the styles… which one do you want?” Trust me: specialize in only one style. It may take a bit longer, but you WILL succeed. Any professional photographer can easily work with any style, but it is only one of them that will give the best results and that is YOUR OWN STYLE.

Bride and groom posing outside the church“What About the Equipment?”

Your photography equipment must be top notch, no questions about it. If you need to purchase new equipment, some consumer tips can be useful.

I would advise to look at digital camera comparisons and camera reviews websites.

Also digital camera ratings can be useful, but only to a certain extent; if you are a professional photographer, you need to buy top of the line anyway, so it’s just a matter of choosing a brand that suits you. Just remember that the most important thing in your equipment is the lens. Everything else is secondary. See also this article I wrote about Wedding Photography from the photographer's point of view.




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