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  By Mike Valeriani

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Wedding Photography Checklist

Wedding Photography Checklist

The wedding photography checklist is one of the most important thing you should know about. A checklist is used by pilots, surgeons and all of those people that simply cannot afford to forget things. The fact that you use a checklist doesn’t mean you are stupid; it means you are highly professional, prepared and careful.

Every wedding photographer should use a wedding checklist, regardless of the experience or age. We are all humans and it is human to forget and to make mistakes. Now you know it, so fix your human defect and use a checklist. I have made a checklist that is very broad, so feel free to make changes to it.

One week before the wedding

  • Go to check on the ceremony location (the church) and the reception place. Take the light meter with you. Look for possible shots, light impediments, speak with the manager for permissions and information.

Two days before the wedding

  • Photo bag - clean, unbroken, discrete.
  • Tripod - works in all positions, clean, screws attached.
  • Diffusion panel - clean, and bag unbroken.
  • Three camera bodies - working, clean, with batteries; in the bag.
  • Three lenses ranging at least from 28 to 100 mm - aperture working properly, clean; in the bag.
  • Soft filter for lenses - clean; in the bag.
  • Main flash and spare flash - working properly; in the bag.
  • Flashes’ cables and attachments - in the bag.
  • Flashes’ diffuser filters - in the bag.
  • Flashes’ batteries - charged; in the bag.
  • Extra batteries for cameras - in the bag.
  • Extra batteries for flashes - charged; in the bag.
  • Film - colour and black & white, expiration date not reached yet, open and check; in the bag. Memory cards, in the bag.
  • Business cards to hand out - clean, unbent, kept in an envelope; in the bag.
  • Snack - in the bag.
  • Umbrella - in the bag.
  • Suit - clean, ready.
  • Shoes - polished, ready.
  • Shirt - clean, ironed, no missing buttons, ready.
  • Tie - clean, ready.
  • Watch - working, in the bag.
  • Emergency money - £ 50.°° minimum in the bag.
  • ID - in the bag. [You do not want to be pulled over by the police and not have an id with you; it’s unnecessary trouble]

One day before the wedding

  • Car - check oil, other fluids, spare tire pressure, fill-up petrol tank.
  • Mobile telephone - charge battery, then keep switched on.
  • Wedding information + appointment with partner/assistant - obtained and in the bag.
  • Street map - in the bag.
  • Public transport pass/ticket - in the bag.
  • City map - in the bag.
  • Coins for parking meter - in the bag.
  • Call transport information to know how long your journey will take.
  • Study an alternative route in case something goes wrong with the first one.
  • Set 2 alarms for next day, one of which away from the bed.
  • Watch evening news.
  • DO NOT go to bed late, and try to have a good night sleep.

The day of the wedding

  • Call your partner/assistant as soon as you wake up.
  • Remember to eat something before leaving home - it’s going to be a long day.
  • Take: bag, tripod, diffusion panel, mobile telephone, and everything else you didn’t put in the bag two days ago.
  • Leave home knowing you won’t be back at least before 1:00 AM.








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