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  By Mike Valeriani

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Time Management Tips

A timer for time managementWho needs time management tips? People that are not good with time and that are therefore often or always late.

As a wedding photographer you cannot afford to be late, or you will not be in business for long. So, effective time management is an essential part of your training as wedding photographer.

It’s not about particular incidents or levels of luck, because some people are simply always late and it cannot be that they are so unlucky all the time. The first step in understanding time management, is to accept the fact that you have a problem with time keeping. This sounds silly, but it is extremely important to accept the problem in order to start doing something about it. Accept that you have a problem and you’ll be half way there towards solving it.

The cab of a tram in Ziruch, Switzrland.I feel I can be particularly helpful on this subject, because I am married to a woman that has a very abstract concept of time.

There are days in which I wonder if she is actually aware of the invention of the clock.

Because of her, or thank to her I should say, I have developed a scientific system to beat the clock and to arrive on time at any appointment, anywhere in the world.

Some people look for a time management software out there on internet, but to be honest I rather stick with my system (which is free by the way). A software will not help you to become an on time person... you need to help yourself with a simple method and a lot of self discipline.

If you are still reading this time management tips page, it means you really want to do something about your problem with time, so I will tell you what I think you should do in order to start being in charge of your schedule. You will be required to put my time management tips in practice, or the system will simply not work.

Four men sitting on a bench in Italy looking like a mafia gangLet’s analyze a classic situation: arriving at work by 09:00 am.

To achieve this goal you must accept one fact: it is almost impossible to arrive exactly at 09:00; so you will arrive either a bit early or a bit late. Since you want to be there BY 09:00 o’clock, let’s arrive a bit early.

If you are going to be an on time person, get used to waiting around, because 1. most people are often late and 2. if you are going to be always slightly early, you will have to get used to wait a few minutes to the targeted hour. Every task in our lives needs time to be completed. Make a list of all the things you have to do from the moment your alarm goes off, till 09:00 o’clock. Next, assign a minutes value to each task. Then you will add all of the minutes and you will end up with the total time you will need to arrive at work by 09:00 o’clock.

It is important that you are honest with yourself about the time you need for each task. If you are not sure, time yourself and see how long you actually take for each of these tasks. Painted clock, realized on a black and white print by Michael ValerianiBeing late all the time is the result of your unfortunate inability of judging your actions related to time.

For example: you are honestly convinced that you will have time to iron your shirt in the morning before going to work; this is because probably you have never timed yourself ironing a shirt and you strongly believe that you can be faster than you actually are going to be and THAT is what causes you to be late.

If you like to turn off the alarm clock two or three times in the morning, you need to add that time to your time totals. If you turn off the alarm three times, you will actually get up about 15 minutes later than the time you set the night before. It’s all about understanding where you are going wrong and how to correct those mistakes. Are my time management tips making any sense so far?

Let’s go through this method together. Always think that you have to be there 10 minutes before the actual time, so you’ll have to be at work at 08:50.


Time management tips – a schedule analysis


Time between waking up and getting up

15 minutes

Taking a shower

20 minutes

Preparing breakfast

10 minutes

Having breakfast

10 minutes

Brushing teeth

5 minutes

Getting dressed

10 minutes

Getting out of home

5 minutes

Walking to bus stop

10 minutes

Waiting for bus

5 minutes

Bus journey

30 minutes

Walking to office

10 minutes

Total 130 minutes = 2 hours and 10 minutes. So you have to set your alarm two hours and ten minutes before 08:50, which is 06:40.

Now it is essential that you do not mess up this plan. Do not to put anything else in your schedule. Be strong and refuse to fit anything else in it. There will come a moment in which you will be convinced that you will have enough time to do something else; refuse to do it! Have extra time handy? Rest instead of running. Live a peaceful life, on time.

I hope my time management tips will be useful to you. Follow my system and you’ll never be late again.




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