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  By Mike Valeriani

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Why Mi Sposo?


Elderly couple getting married at 90 years oldMi Sposo is the old name of this website and the domain is still in use for Italian clients. What does Mi Sposo mean? This is a question that people ask us a lot and it is understandable, being in an English speaking country.

It is Italian for “I’m getting married” and it’s a short phrase often pronounced in a sort of shocking exclamation to friends upon the decision of tightening the knot.

In a time in which people get married later than ever (especially in Italy), “Mi Sposo!” is indeed a shocking exclamation from any of your close friends, but it is also taken with great joy and celebration. Why do people marry late nowadays? There are many factors contributing to this new habit. The most important element is the late financial independence reached by the new generation. Work is much harder to find today than it was twenty years ago and as a result, many young people are studying longer to obtain higher qualifications.

Another reason is that jobs nowadays no longer pay as well as they used to. Prices keep going up, but salaries seam to stay put. Basically an average salary today is barely enough to meet the expenses of a modest household. A wedding is a very expensive deal and people don’t like to let it go by unnoticed, as it is after all one day in a lifetime and in every case it is an important turn in two people’s lives. Basically people don’t go cheap on their wedding; instead they like to go big and to do this they need substantial financial security... or a very good relation with their bank.

Not only as a consequence of the need for two people in a family to go to work, women today are much more out of the house than they used to be, often building rewarding careers that leave little or no time for a marriage. It is increasingly common to see couples shearing a home and ever raising children without being married. It has happened to me on a number of occasions to photograph weddings where in the church the couple’s children were sitting on the bench together with their grandparents, witnessing their parents’ wedding.

Off course this situation leads to a problem: sooner than we think, we’ll see a bunch of elderly picking up their children from primary school. The average age of parents waiting outside primary schools has gone up and in many cases it is noticeable. This is going to affect mostly the children that are going to have grandparents in the place of parents, and possibly no grandparents at all.

So what’s the reason for choosing Mi Sposo as the name of a wedding photography company? Well, there is no reason, it just sounds perfect in Italian, as Italy was the place where I originally started my business. It is also fairly easy to pronounce in English and short enough to be remembered in other language.























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